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About the Siren in Distress
The Siren in Distress was created in around this summer (May). At first I didn't made it for connection to other fellow bloggers. Its just for designing stuff and keeping track of what I read and giving a review about it.
(This blog focuses mainly on Young Adult novels.) And one day I found book blogs and I'm really am mesmerized of how cute their blog is and the reviews was so awesome. They are like reading machines, I mean the owner of that blog. So I start designing and adding stuff in this blogger and 'Tad ah' here it is. :)

About Me:
 Hi everyone I'm Diane
I'm an avid reader and have been since like... just last year. haha
 When I was younger I prefer comics, manga and other books that have pictures in it. And just last last year my friends and also classmates keep talking about twilight and I'm curious what's the thing in there that they cant stop babbling about. so I borrow the first book and read it, after that I just said to my self 'hey reading without pictures is actually more fun, and the Cullens are super cool' and thats how I started reading books. Most of the book genre that I enjoy is Young Adult fictions. However, I am open to other book genres like non-fictions, memoirs, and even the erotic ones. As long as Im enjoying myself.
My professor told us one's that you should read all kinds of books, to be considered as a good reader. It doesn't matter if its too old for you or too young for you. It only matter if it gives you the enjoying feelings you want and if its give you idea to what life really is. like they said some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly.

I'm the sort of girl who likes to sit down and watch people, the sort of girl who expresses her creativity through painting and drawing rather than writing and the sort of girl who doesn't mind being just a little bit different. I love my books and guitar so much that I actually cant live without them. I like to make people laugh and smile. I'm more an outdoor person and enjoys having company but also in the same time I spend a lot in library, alone. reading books with my headset on. :)



if anyone ask me what are d 5 things i would bring, if i am stuck on a deserted island?
1. my sketchbook set
2. my guitar
3. chapstick
4. chapstick
5. chapstick
other from d above, i am normal! & a bookworm. A normal bookworm. 

I Love YA Romance Books