Review Policy

Review Policy
My reviews consist of the book cover and the description written at the back or inside cover of the book (from Amazon or Goodreads), as well as the amount of pages, publisher, publication date, format, and occasionally my own summary of the book. My reviews tend to include my honest opinion of the story and I won't go out of my way to be harsh; I will ensure that it is fair no sugar coting  and base it loosely around my reading experience, so I apologize if my review does not entirely please you. The length of my review will vary depending on time and resources.

Usually I can get through around three-five books per week (I have school works so I'm in slow read until the end of semester), and I will try my best to post the review as soon as possible (on average, within a week of finishing the book). If you have a specific review deadline, please let me know at least one week before the required date and I will get back to you asap.

Rating System for:
The Cover, Plot, Characters, Writing, and Ending:

 - Extraordinary !!! "state-of-the-art"
 - Stupendous
 - Nifty
 - Ordinary
 - H O R R I B L E!! (atrocious)

My Rating System (Overall)
5 cupcakes - SUPERB! Awesome book, must have.
4 cupcakes - Great book, I recommend.

3 cupcakes - Good, Worth Reading
but I will not read it again.

2 cupcakes - Nothing Special.

1 cupcake - DO NOT READ!!!
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