Fallen (trilogy) in TV series

[cover] Fallen trilogy, Beginning, Journey, Destiny dvd for sale in Battle Creek, MI area (22Z785)

Fallen trilogy 3 movies from abc family

1: Fallen the beginning

2: Fallen the journey

3: Fallen the destiny

comes with case and artwork

The Beginning:

All Aaron ever wanted was a normal life. Newly adopted by Lori and Tom Corbett, Aaron believes that he finally has a chance to be like everyone else. Hes good at school. Hes on the wrestling team, and vilma, the prettiest girl in school, knows hes alive.

But on his 18th birthday everything changes.

Suddenly, Aaron has unusual powers and a strange dream haunts him. A homeless man name Ezekiel, who claims to be a fallen angel, tells Aaron that he is a Nephilim, or half-angel/half human. Zeke warns Aaron that the powers and army of killer angels, are coming to destroy him. If Zeke is right, than Aaron has been swept into a centuries old battle between the powers and the fallen, a group of angels banished from heaven. Aaron shakes off Zekes ravings but startling events lead him to think that maybe Zeke could be right. There is a mysterious man in black following him. His newfound abilities seem to be getting stronger, and he sees signs in the most unlikely places. When Aaron comes face to face with his fate, he can no longer deny the truth.

Caught in a celestial war waged on Earth and haunted by an ancient prophesy, Aaron is forced to make a difficult choice. His chances of being normal are gone, but is he the one?

The Journey:

Aaron survives, but he has to leave his adopted home. Traveling the country with his guardian Angel, he helps dozens of the Fallen return to Heaven. But the Powers are still trying to kill him. After he meets a sinister professor. Aaron finds and frees a beautiful Nephilim from the clutches of a dangerous secret society known as The Order. Meanwhile, far, far away, an unseen entity sends a charismatic Angel named Azazel on a mission to lure the Redeemer to a meeting. Azazel tracks Aaron down and convinces him to meet the Light Bringer, who he says will answer all of Aaron's questions. Azazel sets about protecting Aaron from harm.

The Destiny:

With Azazel in their corner, Aaron and his pretty Nephilim friend are no longer vulnerable to the Powers or to the Order. But they may be more vulnerable than ever. As the trio progress to their rendez-vous with the Light Bringer, all the Angels on Earth join forces to stop them. They're not just trying to stop Azazel—they're working to thwart the evil that he serves.

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