Review: The Boyfriend Game by Stephie Davis

Title: The Boyfriend Game
Author: Stephie Davis
Release Date: March 3, 2009

This book is about Trisha Perkins. She's a freshman on the JV soccer team at her school and she's got a shot at trying out to make it onto the Varsity soccer team. This is something that she wants above all else and because she knows that there are better players on her team that will probably get it, she decides to practice a lot harder because though those other girls are better than her, she's got more heart and she wants it more than they do so she's going to work her little butt off to get the spot.
Enter Graham.
Graham is a sophomore playing on the Varsity team and he's really good. He's also pretty dedicated to soccer just like her so they hit it off and they start practicing together in an effort to help Trisha's chances of making the Varsity team.


My review:

Cute Romantic First Love story!

For me The Boyfriend Game is just a typical YA romance. Simple and fast reading novel (it only took me 3-4 hours to finish, i guess?) but it definitely worth reading. And the idea of first love is totally cute and sweet. :)

The Boyfriend Game will definitely give you the satisfied-happy-feeling like other happy-ending stories. ;)

After reading this I'm really getting into this soccer. haha, At first soccer is not my thing - I'm more like table tennis girl - but after reading some novels with the touch of soccer (like Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys, Angel Cup- both my favs, and this novel) I'm really looking forward to learn how to play soccer. :p

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