Review: Boy Trouble by Beth Killian

Boy Trouble
by Beth Killian

Beth Killian's 310 series heats up as rising "It girl" Eva Cordes lands her first starring role -- and a notorious Hollywood bad boy!

What do you get when you mix broken hearts and superstar egos? Drama, drama, and more drama. With her family in chaos, her roommates at each other's throats, and her ex-boyfriend Danny refusing to return her calls, good girl Eva Cordes is desperate for her luck to turn around. So when she snags a role in Westchester County, TV's hottest new primetime hit, she's thrilled. But the casting directors must have made a mistake -- she's been cast as a vampy vixen? Talk about playing against type.

Being the star of the show is more than Eva bargained for -- she has kissing scenes with both her aunt's actor boyfriend (ick!) and smoldering Aussie heartthrob Teague Archer, plus the show is filming on the UCLA campus -- home to the ex-boyfriend she hasn't quite gotten over. And when she's not dealing with boy trouble on the set, she's trying to get to know the older brother she just found out she had (nice going, Mom!). Eva is ready to give up on boys forever, but Teague Archer -- the guy every girl wants -- has decided he wants Eva. This good girl is no match for his bad boy ways...or is she? Eva just might surprise everyone -- including herself.

My Review:

OK, so i don't know that this book is the 3rd series of Life As A Poser, and i read it even though i didn't read the first two books, that's why i kinda not like it, i mean the last part when Eva pick Danny than the
super heartthrob Teague Archer.

can you get it? i don't know who's Danny is and for me Teague is much much better than him, he's cool, sweet, he's in Hollywood, funny,-everything!!

If Eva don't want Teague I'll be super willing to trow myself to him. Poor Teague, but all in all i enjoy reading it except the ending. and ill try to read the first two book and maybe ill understand whats really happening to Eva and Danny. and who really is he.

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