Review: Going For It by Elle Kennedy

November 25th 2008 by Samhain

Kindle Edition

Sam Taylor, Riley Scott

United States

Before she leaves town, she's going out with a bang...
Sam Taylor has lusted after ex-baseball player Riley Scott for far too long. Now, her business bought out from under her, broke, and with nothing to lose, she refuses to leave town without getting the one thing she's always wanted. Riley. In her bed.

Riley had the reputation as a player on and off the baseball field. He's wanted Sam for years, but valued her friendship too much to let sex ruin it. Now, after a forced retirement, he's looking for a purpose in his life. Sam's bar, the Diamond, is just the thing to get his life back on track.

But before he can reveal that he's the new owner, he finds himself the willing victim of her full-on seduction. As he succumbs to her feminine charms, he begins to think maybe there's a way he can have it all--the Diamond, the woman, and the friend.

Until she finds out he's the one responsible for taking away her most treasured possession...

Warning: This title contains sex in the shower and on a pool table (a bed does make an appearance). Be prepared to stand in front of an air conditioner after reading.


Hot.Short.but Enjoying

i just finished this book and it only took me about less than a hour to read. hhmmm lets see, for me its just one of the common erotic novels, but i really enjoy reading it becoz of the characters and i love happy endings
ill give 4 for that.

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