Review: Haunted (The Mediator) by Meg Cabot

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HAUNTED: A Tale of the Mediator
Meg Cabot
256 pages

Look behind you. Is there anyone there that isn't supposed to be? Are you sure? Susannah Simon might say otherwise.

Suze is completely normal. Really. She lives for clothing outlets, Bobbi Brown lip liner and anything that will keep her hair from frizzing. She has a crush on a wonderful boy…

…who's been dead for about a hundred and fifty years…

…and the new boy at school happens to be interested in her…

…which is too bad, because he also once tried to kill her.

All right, so Suze isn't completely normal. She's a mediator, born with a gift and a mission. Her job is to guide ghosts to the places they're supposed to be in the afterlife. The people who are on Earth as ghosts are there because there's something unresolved about their deaths. That boy who wanted to kill her is the undeniably cute Paul Slater, another mediator who knows more about Suze than she knows about herself. Her latest case involves the very annoying Craig Jankow, who is really upset about the way he died. He was a champion swimmer who died in a boating accident. To add insult to injury, his wimpy brother Neil survived. Craig isn't much more than a thorn in Susannah's side, until he gets the idea that he wants to kill Neil to set things right. Just in case being sixteen and boy-conflicted wasn't complicated enough, she must prevent a murder --- not just Neil's, but possibly her own!

I loved this one!! I was heartbroken when Jesse went to the rectory, but oh did my heart flutter at the end - woooo!!! Nice twist too with "Grandpa Slater".

I agree, the fight chapter was hillarious!!! I love that CeeCee realized finally who Jesse is. And I love how she is willing to let Suze explain it all in time. What a great friend!!


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