Review: Kiss and Make Up (Diary of a Crush, #2) by Sarra Manning

June 8th 2006 by Puffin (first published 2004)

Paperback, 272 pages

Edie, Dylan, Shona, Paul, Carter and Veronique


It’s sizzling summertime, and Edie can’t wait for the partying to start. Trying to forget about the dastardly Dylan, Edie’s taking her new squeeze Carter to the Glastonbury music festival to have some fun. But guess who’s there already, looking totally gorgeous? That’s right...


Packed with juicy kisses mixed with roller coaster crazy love story.

So this is the second installment of Diary of a crush.
Even though everything seems ok at the end of the 1st book, things don't stay that way. Edie and Dylan are having major relationship problems and
then it comes down to the point where something major happens and Dylan & Edie break up.

But that is just only the beginning. Later, when she returns from a summer apart from Dylan, she finds out that everything had changed. Dylan is now dating the queen of evil Veronique, Shona gets closer to Veronique and stops hanging out w/ Edie,and Edie is trying to get through life. Even though Dylan is with someone else, he still wants Edie as a friend and Edie accepts but of course it can't be that easy! More conflict occurs.

I'm not giving the whole thing away so go read it!! I have to admit that I really did like this one but it's just not as strong as the first book of Diary of a crush.

It really bother me why is she always kissed by boys even she don't love him and still always find herself kissing back? Shes like "Oh, i kissed you and i liked it, i hope Dylan wont mind it." haha seriously!!

So all in all its a great book. you will find yourself liking the characters as i did. but sometimes you'll find yourself get annoyed to some characters like Edie, Dylan, and Shona. they are really hard-to-read persons, for me. i think. Anyways, Im looking forward to read the third book of this (the last one). I wish i will find that in bargain store or in ebook form. Im dieing to read the ending love story of Dylan and Edie. :)

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  1. my library has #3 in this series. so annoying - why do they do that? i keep eyeing it off but am pretty sure you need to read the first two first?

    i liked reading your review and i also love the covers you guys have for this series (ours are very different...)


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