Review: Life As A Poser by Beth Killian

Paperback, 256 pages
Published March 7th 2006 by MTV

Eva Cordes, Laurel, Danny, Jacinda


Description from Goodreads:
A new cell with the right area code. A sky's-the-limit credit card. A chance at becoming a Hollywood It Girl. What else could Eva possibly want?

Caught in the middle of senior year's juiciest scandal, Eva Cordes graduates early and moves to L.A. to live with her aunt -- the top talent agent for teens -- who plans to make her a star.
Eva has another reason for heading to Hollywood: it's time for her to get to know her mother -- a once-famous model who left Eva to be raised by her grandparents.

But when she gets stuck rooming with a bunch of outrageous teen starlets, and her mom doesn't want to admit she even has a daughter, Eva's life is one big tabloid story after another.

Smoking-hot Hollywood insider Danny wants to be her leading man, but he's officially off-limits. With all these complications, how can Eva ever make it down the red carpet without falling flat on her face?


The first book in the 310 series from MTV books. As I told you I already read the third series of this without reading the first, so i thought that i might not like it. but its not.

So in this book, Eva Cordes leaves her life in Massachusetts to come to the bright lights of Hollywood. She's come to live with her Aunt who is going to make her a star. She's running from her troubles at home and when she lands in L.A., her life takes on some drastic changes.

Lots of new people and trying to weed out the fake from the real is about as easy as solving the world's problems and we see Eva go through some major hiccups on her journey to self discovery. I started off, not giving a damn about Eva because of her emails with her friend from back home, Jeff. She was such a liar and a fraud that I couldn't find it in myself to sympathize with her but over the course of the book, I started to like her.

She's got some major issues with her family, this white boy wanna be rapper (C Money as he call himself) that won't leave her alone and then a roommate from hell (Jacinda) who just so happens to be one of the IT girls in Hollywood. Seeing all of these things fix themselves (with a lot of help from her too) made for an interesting read.

Over the course of the book, Eva comes into her own without completely selling her soul to the devil and that's saying something. I ended up liking her and what's surprising is that I ended up enjoying the friendship that blossomed between her and her roommates, Jacinda and Coelle. The way that Jacinda and Coelle came to her aid when she needed them made me glad that Eva wasn't completely alone in the world. Her relationship with her Aunt left a lot to be desired since Laurel had Eva doing some weird crap that no Aunt should make their niece do and Eva's mother was a complete mess and well, the bright side of it all was that she met Danny, C Money's stepbrother a Baseball player from UCLA. Yep hes great and all but I still like Teague Archer even though hes not in here yet. And I think Jeff is a great guy too. He help her with that jock guy in her former hometown. Anyway, the book is great. So 4 cupcakes for this.

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