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Hi friends! I'm back, after a whole "cramming" week! You might nothice or not. I have alot of catch up to do in our school so I'm not allowed to use net. And we have our midterm last week. Agh! I look like a crap right now (I dont have enough sleep yet)
Anyway, the exam is finally over so I'm here. I actually have finished 2 books (A Walk to Remember and Rules of Attraction) that week (secretly reading after I review my lessons) and dont have review yet but Im working on it. And . . . and . . . and atlast I have an account in "TUMBLR" and if you want to check that out, just click HERE

So as I have nothing to do that week, I spend most of my time in sketching and drawing. (yep! thats my life- boring as hell when im dont have books and cant surf the net) I know its bean 6 months the last time I grab my sketchbook and pencil so  the result is not that great but to my surprise Im actually have fun doing it. Its like im high school again with my frineds who also love sketching. They are way better than me, but Im proud of what I done and I just want to share to you guys what I finished drawing.

Here are some of my drawing, but its not original or something, I just saw it in my friends files and I got inspired and draw it.

I know its not that great compare to the original but Im really starting to like this kind of sketching, I mean the type where you put circles in the cheeks that gives more like 80's or something sketches. What do you call that kind of drawings? haha. what ever it is. I love it! And I might start drawing like that. :))

Thats all. Thank you for stopping by. :)

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