Review: Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty by Jody Gehrman

by Jody Gehrman

Hardcover, 255 pages
Benjamin Everheart, Amber, Hero, Geena


Details from Goodreads:

Geena’s two best friends have never met, but she’s arranged things so that all three of them will be working together at Triple Shot Betty’s, a drive-through coffee stand, and she just knows that they’re all going to get along and have a great summer. However, upon meeting, Amber and Hero dislike each other and are not afraid to let Geena, or each other, know it. While Hero is polite enough that she probably would have been nice to Amber anyway, Amber starts insulting Hero practically from the moment they meet. Hero, understandably, is not about to back down after being stereotyped and insulted. Not helping matters is the fact that the hottest guy in Sonoma, the guy Amber hooked up with when she first moved to town, is interested in Hero, but Hero is not interested in him. Instead, Hero’s in love with the Italian guy interning at her family’s winery, but her overprotective father refuses to let her date. And Amber does want to be a tattoo artist, and Alistair Drake, former drummer/current owner of a famous tattoo parlor did just happen to buy the place next to Hero’s home. So even if they dislike each other, maybe Amber and Hero can call a truce, making a deal that will benefit both of them without letting Geena know about it, since their plans just happen to involve her and a certain smart and cute bicyclist.


Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty was inspired by Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, but as I’ve never read the play or seen the movie (or the play), I can’t compare the two. However, I can say that Confessions is an enjoyable, if not particularly memorable, read. Most of the secondary characters were on the flat side and the story didn’t stick with me the way Tips did. But it was humorous, though not laugh out loud funny, and I found both the romantic and the will-they-all-become-friends? subplots satisfying—teens looking for a summer friendship story along the lines of Peaches will also find much to like in Confessions.

I really enjoyed Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty. Jody was really able to capture the 'high school' feel of this book. The issues were real, as were the characters who reminded me of people I knew in school. It's so great when you can put yourself in the story and relate to what's going on. This book followed a nice progression of events which made the reading flow. I was anxious to see how the story would unfold and wasn't disappointed in the least. I'm very much looking forward to beginning Triple Shot Betty's in Love.

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