Review: Eyeshield 21 (Vol. 1)

Eyeshield 21: The Boy With the Golden Legs, (Vol. 1)
by Riichiro Inagaki, Yusuke Murata

onemanga.com, 208 pages
Published April 5th 2005 by Viz Media


Details from Goodreads:

What does a wimpy kid who's been bullied all his life got to depend on but his own two feet? Sena Kobayakawa is about to start his first year in high school and he's vowed not to get picked on anymore. Unfortunately, the sadistic captain of the football team already has his eye on Sena and his lightning-fast speed. With a wacky cast of characters that includes team captain Hiruma, who has an uncanny resemblance to a demon, and a good-natured front linesman who inexplicably has a head shaped like a chestnut, enjoy all the bone-crushing action and slapstick comedy that manga has to offer. And who knows, maybe you'll get a bit of a heart-warming coming of age story thrown in to boot!



Do you know Kobayakawa Sena? How about Eyeshield 21 from the Deimon Devil Bats?

Eyeshield 21 is a manga about american football written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. It became an anime on Aril 6, 2005 and ended with 145 episodes on March 19, 2008. This anime is sponsored by NFL Japan and aired in countries like korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

The story revolves around high school student Kobayakawa Sena who loves football and has a incredible talent when it comes to running, he has an intense agility. He had a remarkable talent in running because of bullies. In his younger days he was taught by his friend Riku to run away from bullies that is why he developed his talent. This caught the eye of Deimon High School Football Captain and quarterback Yoichi Hiruma who forces Sena to become the team’s running back. Hiruma and his friend Kurita who is also a member of the Devil bats swore to be in the Christmas bowl so they try hard to get teammates who are interested in playing American football.

Slowly but surely the team recruited potential players such as Taro Raimon a baseball player who excels in catching, he became the team’s wide reciver and the so-called Ha-Ha Brothers who became the defensive linemen.The Deimon Devil Bats made a mark to the people watching them and made rivalry in other schools like the Ojo White Knights.
Sena and the rest of the Devil Bats successfully entered the Chrismas Bowl which they have dreamed off and competed against the American football team led by Panther.
The series concludes with Sena becoming the captain of the Deimon Devil Bats when Hiruma and Kurita go off to college. All of the main characters are shown in the final chapter to be in college or playing amateur-league football while maintaining a job.

Watch the anime and read the manga, so you can experience the thrill of this American Football anime.

***Eyeshield 21 OP4 - Blaze Line (best opening song ever!!!)

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