Review: Peach Girl: Change of Heart, Volume 10 by Miwa Ueda

by Miwa Ueda

Paperback, 192 pages
November 9th 2004 by Tokyopop



The love triangle has been shattered as Momo breaks it off with Kiley for good. However, just as Momo's love blooms with Toji, she receives a desperate message from a suicidal Kiley. Tormented and confused, Momo turns to Sae for advice.... Think you know how it's all going to end? Well think again! The dramatic conclusion to the Peach Gril series is not to be missed!


We met at this beach. And we got back together at this beach. All our thoughs and memories melt together into the sea. I will never again lose what I cherish the most.
I'm making a promise today, a promise to the sea.

I liked the idea of ending it to its beginning. Peach Girl did have many cliche parts but so does life. Though Im not satisfied how things turn out. She should let other characters have their little satisfying execution, like Toji being dump and Sae's relationship with Kiley's brother.

It's actually kinda awful at first. I'm frustrated how exaggerated the scenes were and the crazy back-and-forth love triangle plus the too much drama that spins out of control are truly INSANE. Im grateful that this has only 18 volumes because if it has 100 plus, hell no am i going to read more.

Plot: Well I have hots in high school dramas so Ill go for 'liked it'.
Artwork: The first cover is not that catchy so does the rest but the actual sketches (without colors) are good. * I'm easily impressed when it comes to drawing, sketches or painting.
Character(s): Strangely, I found myself liking Sae. Although she is cruel and petty, after reading 'Sae's Story' it isn't like you can say she had the perfect home life.
Translation: Weird but understandable.
Ending: Like I said, unsatisfied.

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