Review: Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter Book 1)
by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Hardcover, 320 pages
Sept 15 2009
by St. Martin's Press


Details from Goodreads:

The Dark-Hunters are ancient warriors who have sworn to protect mankind and the fate of the world is in their hands. . .

He is solitude. He is darkness. He is the ruler of the night. Yet Kyrian of Thrace has just woken up handcuffed to his worst nightmare: An accountant. Worse, she's being hunted by one of the most lethal vampires out there. And if Amanda Devereaux goes down, then he does too. But it's not just their lives that are hanging in the balance. Kyrian and Amanda are all that stands between humanity and oblivion. Let's hope they win.


Still not sure about this one...
I want to read this series because a. my love of my life, Nick Gautier made me to and b. some of my friends here said its worth reading.

Short version of the story:
Kyrian has been betrayed to a point where he believes no one can truly love him or care about him. Amanda has never really been in love and her most recent boyfriend-- that she almost married--is a complete jerk. The two get handcuffed together by the villain, they start pawing each other, they "fall in love," deny each other because they're not good enough for each other, seemingly betray each other, and then the happy ending. Bow.

Well, like I said I’m not that sure if I liked it or not. Though the thing I’m sure is that I wasn't that impressed with it. Don’t get me wrong, Sherrilyn Kenyon’s writing is phenomenal and I really really really like the Chronicles of Nick series. That is the real reason why I vow myself to at least try to read this book.

Maybe the problem is I expect too much in this and I forgotten that it’s an adult book with lots of sex scenes (hot steamy moments is not really a bad thing but seriously, is sex the only thing in their mind?). Yes, there’s my Nick that brings shinny smile at my face and the full-of-action thing but other than that Night Pleasure is the epitome of cliché pararomance story.

Overall, full of action, humor, likeable characters, stereotype plot and cheesy romance. Hmm, not bad. :)

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